Gene Blinkov RE @ The Real Estate Wholesaler Stack invites you on a journey to learn exactly...
Even If You're Not Techy, Don't Have a Website, Never Touched Ads, 
And Are Only On Your 1.7th Wholesale Deal! Best Part? You'll Touch Sellers BEFORE any of the Competition Ever Gets a Chance!

  (Five Week Masterclass Starts on June 19th, 2019
WARNING: This will completely hyperventilate and annoy your competitors when they realize that there is something about your wholesaling business that they just can't ever replicate and will come running to you to beg to JV deals because you are the UNSTOPPABLE force to reckon with in your market
Foreword from Gene Blinkov RE that will without mistake explain whether this makes sense for you to do or not (and teach you a couple of simple but hidden tricks that completely revolutionized mine and my clients' and students' business):
(Student video reviews are shared after the foreword)
Dear friend and fellow wholesaling deal hunter,

The first question you will probably ask yourself is - why should I even run any kind of online ads for my wholesaling business?

And no - we are not talking about Google Ads which are insanely competitive (they're easy and that's why everyone is doing them) and way too expensive... ($100-200 a lead - hell with that! We get motivated seller leads that are off market for third of that with what I'm about to tell you)

Just like any shiny lead source that you've been promised by somebody - you SHOULD be examining every thing you invest your money and more importantly your TIME in, right? 

So I want to share with you the way I look at what I do best - and that is Facebook Ads for Wholesalers, Investors and Flippers - I can humblebrag that my opinion on this is somewhat educated because I've brought in hundreds of thousands and probably at this point millions of dollars of deals to my students and 1-on-1 clients - through Facebook advertising and not any other source

(in fact I don't even touch any other source of leads, with exception to SEO, and stay in my area of deep expertise.) 

First - may I share with you two things 99% of people that approach me about FB Ads don't yet understand?

You see the thing about wholesaling - is it's a prospecting business - and with prospecting there are two variables that will make or break success. Variable #1 is - volume of prospecting.

 This means the more calls, the more letters, the more bandit signs you will put out - the more deals you will have - it's pretty simple, right?

 The thing is - to achieve an incredible volume of reaching more people and touching more homeowners - it will take money and time - your time - to actually make it happen. All making sense so far, correct?

Sure you can hire cold callers and buy back some of that time and you absolutely should - but here's the thing - through Facebook advertising - you can actually achieve more prospecting volume without putting in extra time - because there is now a video ad that's doing the prospecting for you - touching homeowners just like you would on the phone ... (actually it's way better - because you're actually reaching them with a video - while they are on their couch or while they are ... 🚽... whatever they're doing...), but now that video ad is touching a thousand people every single day without you having to lift a finger 👆. 

Well - the only fingerlifting you have to do is to actually set up all the stuff the right way which you only have to do once - and that's exactly what I'm going over with you in the 5 week masterclass, but before we go there...

You might be asking - well - video is not really my thing I don't really know what to tell them and how to not become just another ad on facebook that only annoys people - and that's a good question to ask. 

I absolutely realize this too - that video is not everyone's strength - and for that reason - the Week 1 of the masterclass is covering EXACTLY what to say, how to say it (down to the exact script and I even give you a teleprompter app to read off of on your phone), where to be located, and I even teach you a couple of mind tricks that will help you forget about the fact that you don't usually take videos of yourself and pump yourself up to do this!

The most amazing thing is that all of our students post their videos of their ad into the private group which makes it completely OK to suck - but you probably won't (over half the students had their ad producing leads by week 4 and other half were in the process of setting up everything that came AFTER the video - video was no longer an issue) after I install the formula of a perfect video ad and script into you!

Now - the 2nd Variable that makes prospecting successful - PROSPECTING FOR THE RIGHT PEOPLE - meaning qualifying and disqualifying your leads before they ever become a lead, doesn't that make sense? 

The thing that is completely different about the way I run ads for my clients and the way I teach my students - is we DISQUALIFY MORE than we qualify - that means we actually tell people to NOT engage with our ads if they don't fit our specifically described scenario of motivation!

This was an absolute game changer for me because I too used to prospect in my ads to everyone - and then my clients would waste more time with unmotivated leads - and mine, my clients and my students time is the most precious thing to me

And just like with all of my businesses - and all of my ad campaigns - the game absolutely changed when I started niching down on who our leads are - and telling them EXACTLY who is a good fit for us to make them an offer and who is not. 

So, in the spirit of that - I'm going to say this - if you're a wholesaler and wholesaling is your first business and you absolutely love working 14 hour days and haven't gotten that out of your system yet and think that only sheer hard work and not intelligent moves is what will make you successful - I want you to hit the back button and keep browsing whatever platform you saw my post on - because until you get that out of your system and start making intelligent moves with your time - and the most intelligent one I've seen so far has been Facebook Ads - you won't appreciate what we are doing here. Deal?

But if you are someone that's trying to LEVERAGE the internet, LEVERAGE the power of video and the power of what I call -  PASSIVE PROSPECTING (similar to passive and active income in real estate) - I want you to do a few things for me:

1. Study the details below of how this class is delivered and what you're going to learn and actually IMPLEMENT with my guidance and accountability by the end of the five weeks

2. Listen to students that we just graduated from the first 5 week masterclass and what they have to say

3. If you have a business partner or a spouse that you discuss investments in (the 5-week masterclass and the materials and support that come with it is just north of $900) - discuss it with them. Keep in mind that if after going through it you don't think it helped you - it's 100% money back guarantee - all I ask for is an honest video testimonial of what you didn't like (so far we've had zero of these).

1. Yes - it's 1 again because it's important - take action immediately after going through above 3 steps because I ALWAYS reward early action takers and believers into my products and services with MASSIVE bonuses - you will see a list of these below.

If you're ready to create a prospecting MACHINE that's doing the prospecting for you while you are focusing on other aspects of your business or simply enjoying life a little more because you've got the I ALWAYS HAVE TO HUSTLE 24/7 mentality out of your system - I want to wholeheartedly invite you to my absolutely favorite pastime - The FB Ads for Wholesalers Investors and Flippers Masterclass - in fact I enjoy it so much the last class that I had I almost had folks crying that it was over - and it was bittersweet for me too - hence why I created a mastermind group where I will continue to support these folks every week. If you join before the early bird date below - you will get 2 months access to that AFTER the masterclass is over. 

Now, here are more details and feedback from our students about the class:
Chris Rood - #1 Wholesaling Coach in USA and a Client of The R.E. Wholesaler Stack👇
Five Week Five Part Interactive LIVE Training Camp
 Zero to Hero on Finding Motivated Seller Leads Online with The Cheapest and Most Effective Lead Source Today - Facebook Ads
This class will fill up quick because this is what the recent graduates say:
Her stats after just a couple of days:
Zoom in to read post-five-weeks student survey responses:
One-Time $947 Investment
3 Monthly Payments of $333 = 
Total $999
Plus $1604 in Wholesaling Growth Bonuses When You Sign Up Early! Keep Reading 👇!
At the end of the masterclass you will walk out knowing exactly how to:
  • Run Facebook ads that work and get motivated seller leads. Know exactly what to write, say, and how to make the ads look.
  • Know exactly when to kill off ads that underperform quickly and only spend $ on ads that convert.
  • Will be able to save a ton of money on testing that you now won't have to do because I've already tested a gazillion things that don't work and found a few that do - and will be sharing them all with you.
  •  Will have a high converting lead conversion funnel (designed and optimized over 1.5 years by yours truly) or learn how to increase your conversions on your Investor Carrot funnel (our funnel converts a couple of percent better than Carrot funnel - but they're both good funnels, and Carrot is great for SEO so it's a good one-pill-kill)
 and if you do the weekly setup steps (following a video tutorial) you'll actually have it all set up as well! 

2.0 Update - Over 50% of students in the 1.0 Masterclass had their ads running after the 3rd (of the 5) week!!!
I've structured this in a way that puts pressure on you to actually do the work before the next week's class - in the past when I launched The R.E. Wholesaler Stack course - a lot of people take it slow and don't do the work - and those that do - get results across the board.

This is why this is a 5-week intense program with a weekly masterclass and a Q&A after each masterclass. 

A lot of students were questioning whether this model is for them because they wanted access to all the knowledge upfront. BUT - a BUNCH of them thanked me for actually breaking it up over five weeks because it took care of procrastination problems and also did not overwhelm them - because this stuff is not all a piece of cake - some of it is complex - that's why after I explain to you all the conceptual stuff that makes people submit their house info -  I have you follow along the setup that I'm doing in the livestream (or in the recording of it that you can always play back)

This is seriously the lowest time consuming and cheapest cost-per-lead source and I want to get it into more hands - even if you can't stomach the high ticket monthly 1-on-1 service with me - hence the training camp!
A little comparison:

Sam Ovens FB ads Course (I've gone through it) - $2000. Awesome content - not designed for wholesalers though - moreso for consultants. Not an interactive limited masterclass where you can ask questions each week about your setups.

Dan Henry FB ads Course (I've gone through it) - $2000 - awesome content - for chiropractors and services businesses and stuff like that - not wholesalers. Not an interactive limited masterclass where you can ask questions each week about your setups.

The Real Estate Wholesaler Stack (our company) done for you service - big setup fee, $1500 a month for management. Really for those who have no time to manage their stuff and don't need to put in their sweat equity into it.

Gene's Facebook Ads For Wholesalers 5-week 5-part masterclass:  $1000 - created SPECIFICALLY for wholesalers that are looking to intelligently increase their leadflow and dealflow without killing themselves in the process.
Now if you wonder what kind of return you can get on Facebook ads when you do it right - the numbers are - about $30 per lead and then $10 per retargeting lead.

Retargeting lead means we are retargeting people with a cheap $3 a day facebook ad that reaches people who visited your lead capture funnel or your investor carrot site. Compare that to Google Ads leads - those are about $70-120 per lead - varies by market.

Now here's ONE BIG CAVEAT - because I've done this before and beat myself up over it because I can't #$%&ing sleep at night if someone who took my advice or training didn't get results.


You have to have closed at least a deal in your market - preferably 3 deals - and you have PROVEN the concept of your ability to wholesale in your market.

There's so much more to wholesaling and sales and closing deals than just advertising the right way on Facebook... 

This is why it's incredibly important that you know how to speed to lead, how to greet a lead, how to qualify, disqualify, negotiate, close and so much more - all the things that guys like my friend Chris Rood helps you with to be a great wholesaler - that come BEFORE you ever spend dollars on advertising. 

(well you CAN spend dollars on advertising FIRST - but expect to be spending some money on testing different messaging - because every market is different - and goddamn - even every face is different - some people already know how to be on camera, and some people don't and need a little advice and coaching - which 1.0 class proved to do an amazing job of)

If there's one thing I learned from Sam Ovens is that you really gotta prove your concept with three sales in the marketplace to prove that your niche/offer/message actually works - before you try taking it online.

Now look - there are a couple of markets in the country where you film a video of you burping on Facebook and then say that you're buying houses and you'll get leads - 98% chances are - you're not in one of those markets. I wish I was - I'm not. I'm in Boston. Average days on market here is like friggin 30 days or less - not an easy market.

One cool new thing I found out though is there are builders in my market who dont even care if they get a property for a discount - they just want a property off market so they can close for sure and then knock it down and build a new spec home and make a huge profit on it where they dont give a damn about 30-50K discount that flippers and wholesalers care about.
Now here's what to expect when you're running FB ads for seller leads:

Costs of running facebook ads (the actual ad spend)

Sellers market/Hot market:

$35-50 per lead

Buyers market/Cold market:

$15-25 per lead

Neutral market - somewhere in between those two above

Retargeting visitors leads:

$10-15 per lead


Course itself - 8 hours (Five 2 hour masterclasses)

Fixed time costs:

The funnel creation/copying mine or existing funnel optimization - 2 hours

Autoresponder Setup & Sequence - 1 hour

Lead notification setups: 1 hour

Video and other "creative" creation - 2-4 hours (im gonna give you all the secret sauce you need here)

Facebook Business Manager & PIxel Setup - 3 hours

Actual Ads setup - 2 hours. (i'm gonna give you all the secret sauce here once again, targeting and the other bunch of variables so you dont have to test it all yourself with your ad spend)


Variable time costs:

Checking FB ads on daily basis and tracking your numbers - 1 hour a week

Reacting to changes and creating new ads once a month - 4 hour per month.

TOTAL MONTHLY HOURS: 8 hours. or 2 hours a week.

WEEK 1: Winning Mindset around Facebook Ads and the FB Ads algorithm.

Creating and Optimizing Your Lead Capture Funnel Website so it actually gets people to opt in and leave their information.

Note - if you don't have a website/funnel - you will by the end of this week's module

(Detailed step by step recording on how-to will be shared.)

+ 1 hour Live Q&A

WEEK 2: Creating Your Video, Images and Copy that will actually get people to trust you with their info (templates + actual scripts we share with clients and examples of what worked will be generously supplied) + MINDSET around video and "reluctant public speaker" tricks on how to be comfortable on camera even if it's your 1st time

+ 1 hour Live Q&A

WEEK 3: Setting Up and Launching Your ads without being confused of what boxes to check off and what targeting to use that works. Step by Step Walkthrough that You Can Actually Follow Along While We are Live! (or play it back later and complete the setups)

Note: After week 3 most students already launched their ads and started getting leads!

+ 1 hour Live Q&A

WEEK 4: Tracking and Managing your Ads like a pro, killing off bad ones, keeping the good ones and how to tell them apart. KILLER BONUS! Custom Audiences and Uploading Lists You Use for Mailing Into Facebook Audiences for HYPERtargeting

(Detailed step by step recording on how-to will be shared.)

+ 1 hour Live Q&A

WEEK 5: Getting stragglers across the finish line and answering questions from action takers who already have their ads running. Sharing extra bonuses and tips to crush it.

+BUNCH of other bonuses, secret sauce hacks that I use to get top quality cash buyers for free, get free seller and buyer leads in Facebook Groups and much much more!!!

Next START DATE - June 19th 2019!!!




One-Time $947 Investment
3 Monthly Payments of $333 = 
Total $999
Think it's a hefty fine 🤣💸? Sort of, but if you try testing your ads with your own ad spend before you arrive at a proven formula (that I'm giving you in the class) - it took me over 25000 in testing ad spend and 2 years to test what works and throw away the junk. Just ask my students whether it was worth the investment. There is also a 100% Risk-Free One-Question Guarantee on Your Investment:
100% Risk-Free Investment Feedback Guarantee: If you're not satisfied with what you learn - I don't care if you take action on it or not - I'll give you your $ back if you make an honest video about what you didn't absolutely love about the program - so I can make sure I can make it even better next time. Deal?
If you pull the trigger on this TODAY - [#today] - I'll give you THREE WHOLESALING GROWTH BONUSES  - details below (recorded one of these for one of my clients so they could train their VA and will share it with you, and the other two are paid modules)


If you do this before TOMORROW[#tomorrow]  - I will also include a swipe file of 100 pages of wholesaling Facebook Ads I collected from wholesalers around the country so you can start understanding what the competition is doing before we start to show you what actually works the best. 


If you do this TODAY - [#today] - I will also grant you 2 Months Access to R.E. Wholesaler Stack Advertising Masterming - so you can keep getting advice from me on latest and greatest strategies that work and keep networking with smart wholesaling and R.E. investing entrepreneurs that leverage advertising.

Look, the point is, I'm an entrepreneur and I get paid for results. Therefore I'm committed to giving you every single tool that people before you found valuable to help them crush it - and I'm pricing this just enough so it will sting you a bit - that way you actually commit to the program and go through it with discipline, but still be much less than what our 1-on-1 done-for-you services clients are committing. 

Here are the bonuses:

"How to have the whole city know, birddog and talk about your wholesaling business in 15 minutes a day by following a dumb easy 4-step structured and proven instagram sequence. 

+Other Ways go Grow Your Real Estate Business and Get Leads on Instagram"
EARLY BIRD BONUS#2: How to GROWTHHACK Your way to Local Google SEARCH (SEO) ($200 Value)

IN 30 MINUTES and rank your wholesaling business ahead of your competitors to get leads on autopilot without paying a dime for them

+How to have the right mindset about SEO and incorporate it into your strategic decision making
EARLY BIRD BONUS#3: Swipe File (collection) of 100 Pages of Facebook Ads from Top Wholesalers around the country (including national companies like Highest Cash Offer and Express Home Buyers) ($300 Value)

These come with a breakdown of what each wholesaler is doing in their ads and whether it's an effective tactic or not. This will get you to understand the competitive landscape across the country and show you exactly what competitors near you are doing. It's a $197 standalone product - and that's not a made up number - just go to - it's still on sale today and I'll include it as a bonus when you sign up for the Five Week Facebook Ads Training Camp right now. 
EARLY BIRD BONUS#4: 2 Months Access ($154 value at $77 per month) to The R.E. Wholesaler Stack Advertising Mastermind

And here's a little extra "easter egg" bonus #5 for you since you've read thus far and are probably getting excited for this - if you're an overachiever and you'd like to start learning before next masterclass installment starts - I will share with you the recordings from the Masterclass #1 as an additional bonus - and give you access right away without waiting for 19th! ($250 Value)
EARLY BIRD BONUS#6: My Highest Converting Motivated Seller Funnel and Motivated Cash Buyer Funnel - I Will Personally Show You How You Can Start Using These Even if You Never Had a Website! ($200 X 2 =$400 Value!)
Total $1604 in Bonuses!!!
Now, If I still have your attention, if i have your interest, if i have your commitment to stick with me for 5 weeks and SKILL UP, if you want to learn an amazing skill that will stay with you for life and will pay you for life - on how to advertise on the most popular platform in the world - in the context of your wholesaling business.

If you're not satisfied with what you learn - I don't care if you take action on it or not - I'll give you your $ back if you make an honest video about what you didn't absolutely love about the program - so I can make sure I can make it even better next time. Deal?

Let's get it. What I want you to do next is hit the "I AM TAKING ACTION" button - reserve your spot and your bonuses - and join the killers that I am producing in this masterclass. To get the bonuses for free (they will turn into products you can simply buy later) do this tonight and pull the trigger so I can help you skill up and get leads with the most badass lead source.

Let's roll - allow me to skill you up on Facebook Ads for R.E. Wholesalers, Investors and Flippers, guide you through the process, answer your questions and issues, and get you from zero to hero in five weeks.

-Gene Blinkov RE
TUE, June 19, 2019
Private FB Live & Zoom, 7PM CST 
(for max flexibility in case you're driving)
Setup Tutorials & Supplemental Information:
Will be live as well as RECORDED and shared after the masterclass
Sent out within 24-48 hours of purchase
Next Training Camp: After spring wave of R.E. deals is gone... join this camp to crush the spring market
One-Time $947 Investment
3 Monthly Payments of $333 = 
Total $999
100% Risk-Free Investment Feedback Guarantee: If you're not satisfied with what you learn - I don't care if you take action on it or not - I'll give you your $ back if you make an honest video about what you didn't absolutely love about the program - so I can make sure I can make it even better next time. Deal?